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Elpida - or Ellie as she is affectionately known by our volunteers, is a horse that truly shows us why we all do what we can to help these amazing animals. Found in terrible condition in a pen in Lake Waccamaw, Ellie had no food to eat and only stagnant water to drink when Columbus County Animal Control intervened and took custody of her. She came under the care of CFER in August of 2016 with a body score of only 1 and the vet wasn't sure if she was going to pull through. After restricting her to a cozy and safe stall and careful monitoring of her nutritional intake, feeding her 4 times a day, the vet pronounced Elpida healthy enough to go outside and graze on grass to supplement regular feedings.  She was moved to the CFER stable and allowed her own special space where she could continue her improvement. Over the months Ellie continued to improve, and showed us all what a great spirit she had. She has so much personality and we are all so glad we could help her overcome her traumatic past! One volunteer took to Elpida especially, and fell in love with her sweet and sassy attitude so much, that he went out of his way to buy her a gorgeous, warm blanket with her name embroidered on the side! Randy and Ellie made such a match, that after months of long drives to visit her, he applied to adopt her, and is now the proud owner of one sassy horse!

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