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** Warning pictures may be disturbing to some**
Additional photos are found by click on *MORE PHOTOS*


Welcome Dixie to CFER! 

(8/12/2023 Intake)

Dixie is an approximately 11 year old American Paint. She is underweight, has severe sunburn to to her muzzle area, bite wounds on her hind in. She needs her teeth floated, vet care, coggins, vaccines, farrier and some groceries. We have started treatment for the sunburns. Dixie has been in lesson programs and loves Trail Rides. Dixie is currently eating Triple Crown Senior and Coastal.

(Currently NOT ready for adoption) MORE PHOTOS


Welcome CJ to CFER!

(8/12/2023 Intake)

CJ is an approximately 11 year old Appaloosa, she needs vet care, farrier, worming, teeth floated, shots and coggins. CJ has been in lesson programs and loves trail rides. CJ is currently eating Triple Crown Senior and Coastal.

(Currently NOT ready for adoption) MORE PHOTOS



Everyone meet Smoke aka Smokey!

(2/26/2023 Intake)

Smokey is an approximately 10 year old QH/ Morgan Cross. She comes to us from the Piedmont/Mountain region of NC.

The weather there hasn't been great. It has rained 75 days out of 90. She obtained some lacerations on her outer hind legs. Due to the mud and rain, the owner couldn't get them to heal up. She is now very sore and protective of her hind end.

We were able to assess her front hooves which are full of thrush. Unfortunately, she will have to be sedated by the vet in order to evaluate and clean the the hind legs.

She is such a sweet lady. Up until several weeks ago she loved trail riding thru Uwharrie National Park. Her owner said she loved the trails and she loaded and trailered nicely.

Please help us with her care! All donations will be used for medical work up, medical supplies, vaccines, etc.

Smokey we will get you feeling better and back on the trails soon!!



Vet and Farrier came and saw Smokey today. She had to be sedated, which she tolerated well. Dr. Lindsay was able to clean, scrape and medicate the areas on her legs. They do not look like lacerations but coud have been caused by boots or "kicking chains".

She is on stall rest for a few days and hopefully we will be able to clean and remedicate on Sunday. Prognosis is great!

We still need to make another appointment for recheck, vaccines and teeth float.

Donations can be made to Reagan Equine or

Cash App $CapeFearEquineRescue, Venmo @ CapeFearEquineRescue, paypal or by FB donate button.

Thank you all for your support!



Smokey is a 10 year old Morgan/QH mare that came to CFER just at a month ago due to extreme dermatitis/sores on her legs from mud. Her owner did not have the ability to provide her adequate care and surrendered her. She has been ridden in Uwharrie and trails all over western NC. She is a sweet mare in general but had some harsh handling some where as you cannot handle her hind legs. She is great for everything else. Her legs are healing fantastically with her initial round of veterinary care and clean, dry living conditions. She is also gaining weight nicely with steady, balanced rations. She should be ready for a home soon that is knowledgeable and willing to work with her on her hind leg issues. Adoption fee is negotiable to the right situation! She has really blossomed in a month See her album for MORE PHOTOS!



Meet Wendy!

(Intake 3/13/2022)


 Windy is a senior stock type mare that was recently acquired by her current owner, but they realized they took on more than they could handle and needed assistance. Her teeth are in TERRIBLE shape, she is emaciated, and in need of farrier care… more of the same that we always see.

Wendy is NOT available for adoption at this time MORE PHOTOS


(Update 3/22/2023)


Happy one year anniversary Windy! You have come a LONG WAY baby!!! Windy arrived at CFER just as we were moving into our new facility ONE YEAR AGO! She was completely emaciated She had horrible infected teeth, parasites, overgrown hooves… But look at her NOW! We had to cut her feed back

Windy is in her mid 20’s she is the sweetest thing. Once we fixed all her issues she maintains on NORMAL horse rations She lives with her 100# mini friend Biscuit. She is good to handle and a volunteer favorite! As much as we love her, we have requests daily for more horses needing our help so we need to find Windy a companion home!!! Her adoption fee is negotiable! See her album for more photos!!

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