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Molly is a Clydesdale Mare that is in her late teens to possibly early 20's. She is over 16.1 hands and is UNDERWEIGHT at over 1000 pounds!

She is truly a GENTLE GIANT, so sweet, loves attention, treats & grooming. She is said to ride and drive. However, Molly is a LONG ways from doing that...

Miss Molly is underweight - this can be from neglect or secondary to her teeth. She has a severe case of dermatitis that has affected all 4 of her legs which can be very pain and if not gotten under control can become systemic and life threatening. Her hooves have been severely neglected and she has multiple abscesses from damaged teeth that will require intervention from a specialist or NCSU to repair. They have literally ruptured through her lateral and lower jaw!

NCSU quoted several thousand dollars for her oral care; we are waiting to her back from other oral specialist as well for advice and quotes for her care. Molly is on antibiotics that were provided by her intermediate previous owner who realized they took on more than they could handle and surrendered her to CFER.

Molly is currently staying at Horton's Rehab Ranch while we continue to rebuild from Hurricane Florence. CFER and HRR are working together to try and help get Molly the care she needs to get her comfortable and healthy again! Please consider donating to help with Molly's medical care as he care is going to be quite expensive!

She is a beautiful mare that deserves a second chance and still has so much to offer! $5, $10, $20 makes such a difference! Please help!

Photo Credit: Banks Pony Photography

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