Jasper is a 15 year old, 17 hand, OTTB gelding (JC Reg: Tyrone’s Oboe). Jasper came off the track in 2007 due to a bone chip in his knee (left front). He was then used in lessons at a horse camp from 2008-2012 for upper intermediate and advanced riders, and has been turned out since. Jasper is very sweet and easy to handle on the ground but requires an experienced, strong rider; he has had no official retraining since coming off the track. *Jasper has no trail riding experience and is NOT suitable for a beginner or timid rider!* Due to the bone chip in his knee Jasper would due best as a light riding mount, preferably just walk/trot and *NO jumping*. Stay tuned for more info on our gentle giant.  
If interested in adopting Jasper please email our adoption coordinator Abby at cferadoptions@gmail.com
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