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January 2018 - Thanks to our dedicated team at CFER and our amazing DVM & farrier she is on the road to recovery! We cannot determine what her long term soundness will be, but this is one stunning mare with a heart of gold that deserves a long happy life, just low calorie... if interested in Katie please contact  Abby Chandler about her long term care and adoption options!
November 2017 -  Katie is doing phenomenal in terms of her laminitis recovery. Ron Levandoski, our farrier, continues to check or shape her hooves every 2-3 weeks and each time he is pleased with what he finds. Our Vet, Mallory Bradbury of Reagan Equine is equally as happy with her progress! She is down to once a day pain medication and is doing great on that, we are hoping to wean her off entirely in the near future. She is now taking medication for Cushings, something she wasn't on previously. This coupled with diet and farrier care and this girl is on the road to recovery!
October 2017-  Katie is now walking at a steady clip and trotting short distances! She has lost a good amount of weight and her weight loss medication finished up this week. She is weaning off her pain medication but will continue on her laminitis medication. Her effected hoof is shaped every 1 1/2 - 2 weeks to keep the pressure off of her sole; last week she was able to tolerate her weight on that hoof, to allow for a trim all the way around. We are thrilled with her progress!
September 2017 -  Katie is doing well in her recovery! She has lost weight and is tolerating walking without her soft ride boots. She continues on her medication for laminitis, pain and weight loss and has her hooves shaped every two weeks. Such a gentle horse despite her discomfort.
August 2017 -  Katie, a 12 y/o dappled bay Quarter Horse, standing 15hh. She is over-weight, is foundered and is wearing soft ride hoof boots as she is quite lame without them. Her x-ray revealed a mild rotation, a good sole and a full recovery looks good for her. She is taking medication for laminitis, weight loss and pain and is on a dry lot getting soaked hay and Essential K. Updates to come.
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