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November 2017 In the time we have had Palti we have seen incredibly positive changes in her! Previously elusive and fearful, Palti can now be simply approached and easily caught in the pasture. Trust is hard for her given her past but amazingly enough she still wants to please. Leads well, stands for grooming, farrier and vet, loads on trailer. She is an excellent pasture mate! I've had her with every rescue horse that has come through with no issue what-so-ever. She lacks confidence related to her past so she still requires an experienced and patient handler. This beautiful little mare has paid her dues and deserves a good, loving home! Approximately 11 year old Mustang mare from Sulfur Springs Utah. Palti was adopted as a yearling and severely abused for about 2 years. She was taken in by The United States Equine Rescue League. She went to foster with a trainer where she could learn to trust again and even participated in obstacle challenges and a L.O.P.E show. Palti stayed in that foster home from January 2014 until October of 2016. Due to lack of time and space, Palti's foster returned her to the rescue league. Palti has been turned out since she arrived in October of 2016 and is quite happy with that. Leads, loads on trailer, stands for farrier, vaccinations and blood work. She would make a great pasture mate and does best with a patient and quiet hand. Requires an experienced handler.

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